Some Benefits of Custom Mouth Guard

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Mouthguards in Malton

Our bodies are tough, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do what we can to protect them. An especially great way to do this is to acquire a mouthguard. Preserving our teeth is important so that we can chew, bite, talk, and even breathe without difficulty.

To learn more about mouthguards in Malton, contact our local dentist near you. They’ll be very happy to assist you however you need.

Mouth Guards 101

A mouth guard is a device that’s specifically made to cushion your set against internal and external forces. Typically, it fits over the top of your top row of teeth, but you can obtain a guard that covers your bottom teeth as well. It also helps protect your tongue, lips, and gums from sustaining damage.

There are two basic forms of dental guards that you can receive, whether they’re for sports-related purposes, to help you sleep better, or to protect your orthodontics. They are:

Customized guards

In order to obtain a customized mouth guard, you’ll need to visit a dentist in Malton. They will closely examine your oral cavity before taking a series of dental x-rays and having some impressions made. All this information will be sent off to a dental lab and used to fabricate a device that fits your oral dimensions precisely.

Once it’s ready, you’ll return in about 2-3 weeks to receive it. Your dentist will double-check that it fits you properly before letting you go. And voila! You’re all set!

Pre-made guards

Customized dental guards are wonderful, but they can be a bit costly. So, if you’re on the hunt for a device that’s a bit more affordable, then you may want to consider purchasing a pre-made (aka stock) mouthguard.

Often, you’ll need to use the boil-and-bite method to shape the guard to fit your better. Eventually, since it’s not designed to fit your mouth specifically, you’ll need to replace it.

If you have any questions about customized versus stock mouthguards, feel free to get in touch with our dental practice today. Our staff will be able to address any queries that you might have.

The Benefits of Custom Dental Guards

There are a lot of reasons that dental professionals recommend acquiring customized mouthguards as opposed to buying one from the drugstore. Those reasons are as follows:

  • They will fit you perfectly! You won’t have to worry about the device sliding around or falling out.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • Your teeth and gums won’t be irritated. Your device is fabricated with high-quality materials.
  • Prevents bruxism (also known as the grinding and clenching of your teeth. This is a common nighttime habit).
  • It will actually protect your teeth! Stock mouth guards aren’t always made of the best material, so there’s a chance that your teeth won’t be as well protected as you think.
  • Expanding on point number 4, the need for emergency dentistry will be a lot less because your teeth will be properly preserved.
  • It’s a good investment. Yes, it may be more costly, but your device will last you for good while. You won’t need to replace it nearly as often as its counterpart because the high-grade dental plastic that’s used is very durable.

Regardless of the type of mouth guard you get, it’s important that you care for your device; this includes cleaning it each day and storing it in a safe space so that you don’t lose it.

All in all, customized mouthguards are a wonderful way to prevent unnecessary dental issues. At Brandon Gate Dental Care, we provide mouth guards near you. If you’re looking to book an appointment to discuss obtaining such a device, call, come in, or head to our company website today!